Monday, May 28, 2007

Like Mother Like Daughter

I have been thinking about my mom lately. She isn't doing well with what is going on in her life. Her partner is gravely ill and I feel so helpless way out here. I was used to just popping over every month and visiting for a few days and now I have to save for a year to go over. I am planning on flying out there next month to spend a week. I wanted to spend more time but now have more medical appointments coming up that I can't put off so will have to make do.

I remember growing up I used to think when I grow up I am never going to be like my mom. I am never going to do this or that and I am going to allow my children to do what they want when they want. That lasted till the first one started walking and that was it. But I was young and it would drive me crazy when people would tell me I was just like my mom.

I remember getting her an answering machine one time as I got tired of calling over and over again till she would answer. And one time after I had gotten it for her I had called for days before I reached her and she said she had gone away. Ok Mom why didn't you have the machine on? Because I didn't want anyone to know I wasn't home so if someone was going to break into the house they would know when I was gone. OK Mom but you do know if you don't answer the phone they also know you are not home. Yes but they won't know when I am returning.... Stop asking any more questions!

I used to call it small town logic. Then one day we had friends visiting from out of town and we needed something and I said oh we can just go to the store. They asked how far it was and I said oh it's car far. They looked at me and said what the heck is car far? I said you know.... too far to walk and so you need the car. Keith just shakes his head as I said don't even say it!

Then another time I had been working out more intense then usual and when I got home from my walk I was out of breath. Keith asked how it went and I said it was exegen. He said what? I said exegen. He asked what the heck is that? I said .. you know.. you exercise so hard you need extra oxygen! DUH! Every one knows that! He just smiled as I said DON'T EVEN GO THERE!

But last summer when my mom was down and I had my daughters and granddaughters around me I thought to myself I guess my mom did a pretty good job. When someone told us as I stood by my one daughter how alike we were I was so happy. To me she is so beautiful that if they thought I looked like her that must make me pretty good too :)

Thanks Mom for the good genes and I guess now that I am "more mature" small town logic isn't so bad! This picture is of my mom, my girls and their girls and me!


Carmen said...

That is such a great picture of everyone!! You look so happy. It is wonderful. And there are worse things than being like our moms... I skipped my mom altogether and I am totally like my grandmother!! hee hee