Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Exerisise in Frustration

I am so frustrated with life right now. I have had basically no news on Darrell since last week. My mom is feeling very left out of the loop and only gets what little I can pass on to her. For now all that is happening that I know is my uncle and his other son have returned back home to Calgary.

I am a mother of 5 and I can't even begin to feel the anxiety of separation, the feelings of guilt of desertion, the feelings of sheer hopelessness and the ability to keep a stiff upper lip. After all no news is good news right? Meantime I was so mad yesterday I threw a bag of groceries across the room when I walked in the door! How uncharacteristically of me. But I feel hopeless. I want to go to Nassau and smack those police across the backs of their heads to get them moving.

If they had gotten the message out to the public of Darrell missing then there would have been a greater chance of finding him by now. I am sorry for their tourism economy being hurt by missing visitors but maybe instead of hiding the facts they can do something about the crime level. People just don't go missing and leave their wallets and car behind. Not 3 weeks before you depart to go home.

Sigh... life really sucks big time right now. On a different note.. I finally got an appointment for my cat scan for this Monday the 7th at 9pm. My doctor had been on holidays and when I was in last week to see her replacements due to the increased headaches and intensity of them, she must have past the message to my doctor. All I know is they are staying open till 9PM for my appointment. Long after normal business hours. What a great doctor I have.....I am not looking to the day that she wants to retire.

Life is spent counting how many more days before this rain is done with. We get one sunny day but then 3 more days of rain. I see the Rheumatologist tomorrow and I know he is going to ask me if I am ready to move to a drier climate yet and my answer will still be the same. NO.

I have been working extra shifts at the Family History Centre just to get my minds off things and trying to keep busy. We have our youngest son and his family moving this weekend to a place about a 5-6 minute walk from here!!! I am so thrilled. So their little girl is spending the weekend here to keep her from being underfoot and I'll bring our other 2 year old granddaughter over for a sleepover and they argue about who is charge of the new babies and crib I bought for them to play with.

Well that is about it for now. Hubby is now working night shift at BCIT to correct something that a subtrade did wrong over a year ago. Keith told the company they were doing it wrong and they said oh it's ok it will pass. It didn't . But because there are faculty and staff there during the day he can only work after 10 pm. That's ok letsa me get caught up in all the shows I have on tape.

Till later.. thanks for listening :)