Thursday, May 10, 2007

Campbell River

Well we found out 2 days ago that Keith might have to go out to Campbell River for 2 months. His boss called him and said they had a chance to bid on a contract out there but did not want to put the bid in if Keith wasn't willing/able to go out there. He had been asked specifically from BC government to supervise the contract as he has done several of their contracts in the last 2 years and they have always praised him and his work. Keith told them we had to talk about it before he could give his answer. His boss said that was ok he would stay on hold while we talked lol. OK. Our "talking" about it means praying about it together and doing a pros and cons list :)

I am not impressed with the out of town though I have to admit. I know it is only for 2 months but I do not do well on my own. I hate it. I really do. I don't sleep well. I have to have all the lights on in the house at night time and every little noise makes me jump. We also had made plans to go back to Sask for a couple of weeks in June so that would be out of the question now.

On the other hand, he would end up getting about $5000.00 at the end of it (on top of his pay) which would come in handy as we are really needing to get a new vehicle. Ours is an 89 and although it has served us very well, it is starting to 20 buck us to death. We are not big on getting in debt either so that money would put a big chunk away for saving for a new SUV. We also had planned on going camping with the kids here in July for a week at our favorite campground in Fort Langley and now I don't know if Curt's van would be able to pull our trailer or not.

Decisions decisions... We did pray about it and Keith felt good about it (mind you he thinks logically instead of emotionally like I do) so I told him to go ahead. I didn't get an answer either way and I am sure cause my heart was yelling NO NO NO too loud for my mind to hear anything. I don't like the idea of being without a vehicle for that length of time though...

Oh well... maybe the company won't get the bid!!!!


Carmen said...

It is hard when they have to work out of town... At least you would have the option of visiting! When Marc goes out of "town", he goes all the way around the world!! HUGS

Jan said...

Just think of the fun you can have when he comes home on weekends for visits. lol..
Plus now you will have some place to go visit as vacations. As for the van pulling the trailer, it did when you came out this way in 2004 pulled it all the way from your place to Sask and through Calgary, back to your place. So to do the little drive up the freeway to Fort Langley. That will be a snap, no worries, so you will be able to go camping. Have fun too!!!

Sally said...

OH YEAH!!! I had completely forgotten we had made that trip with the trailer!!! See?? Two heads ARE better then one!.. And the know the little visits will be good.. it's the alone time that bothers me :(