Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cat Scan Results

Well I just got back from my doctor's visit. Good news is my brain is still there :) Not so sure for my mind though :) The results are no tumour or skull fractures which is a huge relief. What there is though is degeneration and bone spurs and disc bulging of my C4-7, The headaches are coming from the spurs pressing on my cranial nerves. I am going to be seeing a physiotherapist that deals strictly with cranial injuries so have to get an appointment for that. I also need to wear a cervical collar for different times in the day to give my neck relief from having to hold my head up as the weight of it is too heavy most of the time. I have to be careful not to wear it too much as my neck muscles will weaken and play host to a whole new set of problems. She did increase my sleeping pill dosage as I have not slept properly in months with all the headaches and extra back pain. I was lucky if I could get 2-3 hours a night which was just making things worse. Hopefully that will help in the short term. That's about it for that.