Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bathing Suit Blues

As we are going to Whistler for 5 days of R&R on Thursday this week I wanted to go out and get a new bathing suit. GROAN.. the dreaded event. I have a drawer with 1/2 dozen suits that are technically the right size but fit horribly. Having lost 150 pounds in the last 3 1/2 years and now having a so called "normal" sized body you would have thought this process would have been easier. WRONG!

After an entire mall search and numerous "Try this one" from numerous salesladies I finally listened to my daughter who was with me and tried on a tankini. I loved it! I loved the idea! My problem is I am tall and even trying bathing suits that are marked as "TALL or LONG" they were still too short in the body for me. That Cloutier height again! Although I can't totally blame my dad's side of the family as my mom at 5'8" was the short one and her one brother was 6'7".

But I digress. The first tankini I tried on was the PERFECT color and fit really nice. I did the bend in every direction and twist and turned in the dressing room much to the glee of my 2 year old granddaughter who kept saying "Nana silly!" But it stayed in place and nothing rode up and moved. And it was $29.99 to boot!!! All the other so called long/talls at the bathing suit specialty stores were sitting around a hundred dollars.

Then I did a search for Whistler on things to do this weekend and apparently it is the official kickoff for the 2010 Olympics and there will be celebrations going on and all the top athletes will be there!! WOOOHOOO! I am so packed and ready to go!


Carmen said...

Enjoy your time away!!
And nice suit!! You will have to reveal where you purchased it from. I am on the hunt for one myself... gag. What an evil necessity...

Sally said...

from WalMart believe it or not!!!