Tuesday, April 17, 2007

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Police search for Canadian

By Tenovia Trotman, Guardian Staff Reporter


Police are continuing an ongoing search for Darrell Cloutier, a 34 year old Canadian who was reported missing since last week Wednesday.

Chief Superintendent Hulan Hanna held a press conference Monday afternoon to update the press on the progress the police are making into the matter.

Darrell Cloutier came to The Bahamas to work in 2004 on a work permit as an Administrative Officer employed at PCL Construction Company located on Paradise Island. According to Mr. Hanna, the report about Cloutier being missing, came from someone in Mr. Cloutier's work environment who hadn't seen Cloutier at the expected times and places. It is reported that the individual became concerned and alerted the police.

Chief Superintendent Hanna said that the information the police have would suggest that the man is single. Mr. Hanna said that Cloutier's father has been contacted and is assisting the police.

Further, it was reported that police have in custody a 36-year-old-female resident of Western New Providence who is assisting the police with the investigation. Mr. Hanna said that there is a possibility that the female in custody and Mr. Cloutier may be known to each other.

Police are not divulging any information about the woman at the time due to the nature of the matter.

As part of the investigation, the police are also currently pursuing the whereabouts of Don Diego Cartwright, a 32 year old resident of Bacardi Road. Cartwright is believed to be 5'7", dark brown in complexion and of medium build. Police are asking the public to give them any information that they may have on the matter.

According to police reports, Mr. Cloutier was last seen between April 10th and April 11th at the Sunrise Beach Villas wearing black pants, a beige golf shirt and black dress shoes. Mr. Cloutier is 5'9'', of light complexion, with dark brown hair and weighs about 180 pounds. According to Mr. Hanna, police are not certain if there is a relationship between Cartwright and Cloutier, but Cartwright is wanted by the Central Detective Unit in connection with a possible kidnapping of Mr. Cloutier and is considered armed and dangerous.

Mr. Hanna said that Cartwright is a person of interest and that the police need to see him. According to Mr. Hanna, it is a matter of police protocol that whenever the police are looking for someone who they believe deliberately does not want to be found, that person or persons are then deemed potentially dangerous to the public.

"At this point all lines of inquiry are open; no definitive conclusions have been made to determine what happened to the individual," Mr. Hanna said.

He added that the police are very interested in locating Cloutier alive and well.