Sunday, April 01, 2007

Shopping Find

So I am out on Friday with Lareta shopping for new loafers. Mine had gotten too big and I kept walking out of them when I took steps which was annoying to say the least. We checked out Payless as that is one of the few stores that carries size 11 and I did find some new loafers that were $14.99!!! How perfect was that? I was so excited I decided to check out new spring shoes and these are what I found :-)

I am a sling back shoe kind of gal.. but rarely do I buy shoes that don't already match something. Usually I buy a piece of clothes and then get shoes to match. I have to have shoes that match my suits and dresses etc!! It's my one vice. Then you have to have a purse to match the shoes. So when I saw these shoes my first thought was I don't have something to actually match it first but because they are "tannish" (Is that a color?) and soft white I figured they would go with pretty much all my summer clothes so got them.

Then Lareta showed me the purse she had been looking at prior to that day and we both fell in love with a different purse so had to get those then another sales clerk came up to me while I was at the till and said oh by the way we have these clutch purses to go with those dress shoes you have.... groannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn... but they were such a good deal what was I to do?? I haven't bought new shoes or purse since last summer so what the heck??


Anonymous said...

Good find!! Good find!!