Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I got up this morning and thought what the heck is outside? I pull up the blinds to see the ground covered in a thick white blanket~~ I thought yesterday was April Fools??? And it was bloody cold. I was determined to go out as I had 4 grandchildren's birthday presents to shop for and I was NOT going to dig out my winter coat that I had just had cleaned and put away for Spring! So I froze my butt and finger tips off let me tell you.. well not quite but you get the picture.

So I am still on my renew myself with Spring and new things and I picked out this book at the second had store on making wood projects. The first one(cause it seems the easiest) will be the night stand then the deacon's bench for my patio then the dining room table. At the rate this weather is going that should take me all summer to complete as I have to wait for the weather to stay warm so I can do the building and refinishing outside. Yes I know it probably would be cheaper in the long run to buy them but I am determined to use my brain and do SOMETHING useful during my memory fog days!!!


Anonymous said...

YOU are going to make these things?? Oh good gosh woman!! Well, if you pull it off, I will have orders ready for my house!! Do a good job, I will be watching... hee hee


Sally said...

yup I will be making them :) With Keith's strict supervision... he is more worried about his tools getting dull with my using them then me doing it hehehe