Thursday, April 26, 2007

Head still attached but barely

So I emailed my doctor over the weekend asking to come in this week because my headaches from my head injury are still constant and I have enough health problems to begin with without adding to them. I got an email back Monday morning stating my doctor is still out of town but I could get in that afternoon with her counterpart. I have seen her several times and really like her so off I go.

I go over what happened and how stupid I really was for not seeing the wood there and how idiotic I was for hitting my head on it the second time like I couldn't see AND feel it there the first time. My results of my head x-ray were in and she said that was normal and asked me where the pain was. I said the headache is all over pretty much but the pain is at the base of my skull into my neck. She said they only x-rayed your head and didn't do the base or the neck!! UGHHHH! So she sent me back with big letters stating do the base of the skull AND the neck. Meantime the radiologist twists my head into a pretzel and smiles and says hold that position now! Yeah right come here and say that to me!!

She started me on anti-inflammatories to at least try and get the swelling down back there and sent the paperwork in for my cat scan. She said it is completely up to the Radiologist of who gets priority but she sent it all off while I was there. I got my prescription and toddled home. By last night Keith had to get me a blessing as I was doubled over with nausea and my acid reflux went into overtime. I had even made sure I had eater before I took the medication but because I basically don't have any stomach lining left from my illness it was too much. Oh what a joy it is to be 50!!!

Nothing more on news for my cousin. Nothing in papers nothing anywhere :( I feel so helpless way out here with no family contact. My mom calls every day to ask if I got any news as she knows I can search the internet but there has been nothing since last Thursday. When does a person stop looking? When does one draw the line and say I have to go back to my life etc. I think of my own children that are grown and what would I do if I was in my uncle's shoes right now in another Continent let alone a different country. My heart aches for him and my other cousin that is there. I wish I could give them a hug and tell them my hug is there for them as well as my love.


Anonymous said...

I live in the Bahamas and it's very clear this is a cover up by the country. As a family Darrell's father and family need to stand up and contact all canadian media and get on camera talking about this. last friday police chief told the media Darrell's disappearance wasn't suspicious!!!!! As a family you need to fight for him. This country wants his story to disappear and never be spoken of and that isn't what darrell would have wanted. Fight to find out the truth about him. Don't let the corrupt people of the bahamas allow this story to die.

Anonymous said...

Here is the article i speak of

The bahamas is a corrupt country that does not value life. Especially not the life of Canadians. Contact the canadian media. have them call the bahamas police and ask them why they refuse to help in the search for Darrell. The only people actively looking for Darrell are his hockey buddies. The police aren't doing a thing. They are going to feed Darrell's dad lies to keep this story quiet. They won't let the truth come out.

Anonymous said...

Here is one more comment from the police chief

He said that the police take every missing person’s report very seriously, but when a foreign national is involved, more care has to be taken not only for the safety of the missing person, but the safety of the Bahamian economy.

"We treat all missing person’s reports with the same diligence, but of course you can appreciate when foreign nationals are involved, there is the potential for outside media to converge on this jurisdiction," he said.

"It causes the police to be very, very diligent in the way we conduct our public affairs because we understand that the Bahamas’ economy is largely tourist based, and so we try to ensure that everything we do won’t bring harm to the Bahamas."

They are more concerned about their economy than Darrell. Your only hope to ever find out what happened is foreign press pressure.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100% the Bahamas government is covering this up. It is just ridiculous. Darrell deserves better. I totally agree with you about contacting the Canadian media - any outlets possible. It has not been on the news near enough - hardly at all in fact. More attention needs to be paid to Darrell and what happened. Your family deserves answers. Contact every and any media outlet possible. Maybe they will contact the Bahamas police and pressure them. In the case of the missing Aruba girl, people chose not to travel there. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.