Friday, January 14, 2011


I have been deleting my in-box for 3 days now, deleting mail that I have no idea why I saved them in the first place, others the information was now obsolete, moved some from my in-box to their proper folders .... just mindless work while I watched tv late at night.. then all of a sudden I came across an email from my Aunt Inez who passed away from her cancer about 2 years ago. We talked on the phone so many times when I was first diagnosed before I told my mom. She was my surrogate mom as I bounced ideas off of her on how to tell my mom that her 2nd daughter had been diagnosed...we spent many hours talking both on the phone and through emails...she even called me early the morning I was leaving for my mom's to give me some more moral support.. telling me she loved me and that everything would be all right. ...we talked about her cancer and how she had made the decision to not do any more.... that she was tired of fighting... but she told me that I needed to fight this with every breath I had to not ever give up that I was made from a different cloth then the others. ..She told me she loved me one more time as I had to leave for the airport...that was the last time I spoke with her on the phone... and tonight as I re-read her words..the tears slid down my face as I remember her love and her no nonsense words...It was only after she passed away that I realized she was only 12 years older then I am...not old at all...much too young to have passed before her time... In the words she spoke about my only sister Adele that passed away from her cancer....she is in a better place without any pain and is watching your every move and will be there to protect you....Auntie Inez I know you are in a better place without any pain and I know you are watching your family as well....needless to say this is one email that won't be deleted