Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Icky Poo Poo

Ever have one of those days where you were up and down like a yoyo? Where your day couldn't make its mind if it was going to be nice to you or not? The kind of day where at 7 at night you wonder if it is too early to go to bed? Well that was mine today.

It started last night.. we had planned this family temple trip with some of our family members and our very close friends from the island. So that was good

Then our daughter and son in law could not come for health reasons which was totally understandable but was still sad

We left this morning with our 3 oldest granddaughters - that was good

We get to the temple expecting a very quiet day being mid Christmas week but it is jumping with activity - good for the temple not so good for us as we are going to run behind as the group ahead of us were behind which in a way was still good as our friends had not gotten there yet which was bad

It finally is our family's turn and that is good I am excited to watch the girls

I keep having to run errands while there so ended up missing seeing the girls which was sad

We had made this really nice picnic lunch for our family to share after we were done but the girls had to leave with our son and daughter in law so we didn't get to feed them which was sad

Because our group got to start late we were late finishing and so never had a chance to have our lunch before we went to do a session together which was sad

But I got to go through with our best friends which was good

And we got to go through with one of their sons, his wife, one of their daughters and her husband which was very good.

But as the doors closed and Keith still had not come in I knew he would miss going through with us and that made me very sad. I had no idea where he was

The session before us was so full that they went way overtime which made our session late starting and ending which by the time we got done our friends had to hurry up and leave to get back to the ferry in time so we never had a chance to visit over our lunch which was sad

I found Keith and he said the evening shift were very short staffed and had asked if we could cover it. He said he had to talk to me first which was good that he thought to ask

I had not brought my proper shoes and had had such a bad night last night that I just did not feel up to staying till late tonight which was not good as I normally LOVE working there

Our friends left and I went up to the dressing room to change to come home when I came across the shift coordinator who was happy to see me and asked if I could possibly help them with the shift. I said no problem I figured I would get blessed which was a good thing

I told her to give me a minute I had to find Keith to let him know. I ran into her husband and asked him to pass the message onto Keith that we would be helping out. I go back upstairs but after about 30 mins the coordinator comes in and tells me it is ok they are good I can go..oh ok..so I was kind of sad but kind of happy as I was really tired and sore.

I get changed, get Keith, find out where he had been all day and that I had really wanted him to be with me in the celestial room to talk about this job offer and pray about it and that we had not been able to and that made him sad that he felt he had let me down which made me sadder

We come home and I made supper and as I am curled up on the couch I go back to thinking about the temple and how it was that we were needed to help out and 30 minutes later we no longer are so I asked Keith what the coordinator had talked to him about and Keith tells me that he had told the leader I was tired and my back was sore so knowing me like they did they decided to tell me they were ok as they knew I would have kept working.. which was good that they thought of me but it made me so sad that I let them down.

But by that time even if we had hurriedly changed and driven back it would have been 8 before we got there and would have been too late which made us both sad... miscommunication is not a good thing by any definition.

So here it is..8pm and Keith has already gone to bed and here I sit all by myself. Taking the words from my 2 year old granddaughter yesterday "Sally is sad, I need chocolate".