Thursday, August 06, 2009

Letter to TLC

This is a copy of a letter I sent to TLC today..

I just wanted to say how upset I am that TLC has decided to continue airing new episodes of Jon and Kate Plus 8. It used to be one of my favourite programs. Once it became apparent that there were marital problems, TLC and it's affiliates should have made an executive decision of not re-instating any new episodes. It is bad enough that children have to go through any separation/divorce it's even worse that they have to go through it through the television media. With all the publicity this separation has generated over the last few months people that are "thrill-seekers" are going to tune in just in case they get to see some fur fly so to speak. Even viewers that never watched the show previous to all of this are now going to tune in much like drivers slow down to see a car accident.

It would have been more advantageous if TLC had decided on a moral standpoint to not air any more episodes until things cleared with the Gosselins. I won't be watching any more episodes and I may be just one viewer but I am a viewer with a voice.


Carmen said...

Well I think it was the mother who insisted on continuing the show at $75,000 per episode. I really don't think she cares what this is doing to her children. And TLC wants their money's worth... Sad. I hated the show before and now I really hate it.