Monday, August 24, 2009

TV Land

Ok if the powers to be are listening, these are my requests for the 2009/2010 TV season:
1. No more vampire/satanic/devil worshiping shows
2. No more teenagers/high school/young adult shows
3. No more 30 minute comedy sitcoms where the wife brow beats or makes fun of her husband
4. More shows that actually make you use your mind to think
5. That if shows begin the season that they be allowed to continue the season and not take it out after the 3rd episode
6. No more reruns half way through the 2nd month.. come on at least make it till Christmas season before you start
7. No changing nights for a show once you start the season
8. Get a better rating system then what is in place already cause it sucks..there should not be swearing on a show that is rated PG13. Are you telling me a 13 year old needs to hear that kind of language?
9. No More Reality shows of celebrities or any other kind..I really don't want to watch a show about a person that hoards garbage
10. Get rid of Paid Programming late nights or at least keep it to only 1 channel. Why does there have to be so many?
11. Why is Treehouse on in the middle of the night? Why are all the young teen channels such as YTV and FAM on in the middle of the night.. they should all be in bed.
12. Somebody needs to police the MTV channel.. have you seen the videos on there? The kind where you would find in the BACK room of an adult video store. Why are they on during the day when kids are at home or early evening?
13. Bring new cooking shows on the Food Network Channel. Some of those shows are from 2004/2006
14. Finally get some better cliff hangers at the end of the season.. enough to keep you hanging all summer otherwise I move onto another channel
15. Get better movies that aren't R rated on your movie channel so the rest of the world gets to watch them as well.