Saturday, July 11, 2009

Richmond Country Farms Market

These last few months Keith and I have become tourists in our communities. Because I can't predict how I am going to feel on any given day we have to kind of plan around that. So on Fridays I check out this cool site that tells us what is going on in the Lower Mainland for the next day.I usually find 2 or 3 choices so even if I can't walk much the next day we can still get out to do stuff. We have been everywhere to our delights. Most of the time it has been free (you have to like that kind of budgeting} or near free. It has been kind of cool to check out what tourists come out here to see.

Today we were supposed to have a granddaughter's 15Th birthday party in the afternoon so we didn't want to go top far off. By the time we found out the party time was changed it was too late to go out so we decided to go check out a farm market that I had been to when we lived in Vancouver. It is called the Richmond Country Farms Market and it is simply amazing.

They have rows and rows of produce bins. They have bright signs letting you know what items they grow right on the farm, what is brought in and where from, and what is organic. The prices are very fair and for the most part was cheaper then our local markets. You bite into an apple and think oh yeah this is what an apple is suppose to taste like.

There also was a very large selection of fresh herbs that went far more then the typical basil and thyme. Organic eggs were also free range eggs and was almost two dollars less then what I have been paying elsewhere.

Outside you have a nursery with annuals, perennials, trees, bushes and beautiful arrangements. They have ponds with walking bridges over them (that I had never noticed when I had been there before} as well as a large gazebo. I could so see myself having family pictures taken there. What a gorgeous setting~~

You could tell that this is a very popular hangout as it was packed. Not just packed but filled with return customers judging by the chatter among people. My favourite part today??? Berries Berries Berries!! There was blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries..YUMMO!!! I wonder if your skin will turn blue from eating too many blueberries??

So if you are anywhere near the George Massey Tunnel going westbound, just take the first right after the tunnel and it is right there you can't miss the signs..

I give it a 10 out of 10 for an enjoyable date!