Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Last surgery ~~~ I think

So here I am a week post op with what I hope to be my last surgery. With having had 6 surgeries last year, 3 of which happened in a 5 week period, I developed a nasty bout of scar tissue that was affecting my left arm. I saw my surgeon at the end of April and she said she would have to go back in to remove it.

So last Tuesday I went under the knife.. it's bad when you have been in the same OR so many times you actually know the nurses by name and they ask you about the new granddaughters you have! I saw the surgeon yesterday and she said everything went well. She ended up taking out about a 6-7" length of scar tissue but I never thought of asking how thick it had been. She only took out about half of the stitches as part had not quite healed enough and she did not want a repeat of earlier where one end did not close letting infection set in.

I have to go back on Monday to get the rest out and that should be the end of that era. Today was a different story. As any one that reads that knows me knows I don't sleep very well or very often and my doctor sent me back to the sleep disorder clinic at UBC hospital. I had been there in 2001 where they had found I had episodes of alpha delta sleep resulting in brain activity that continued throughout the night. I went on medication for it and slept really good for several years but last couple of years it has gone back to the way it had been before I was tested. I had to fill out a questionnaire a few months ago that had me keep a detailed diary of my day and nights for a 2 week period. I am sure she must have looked at that and decided I was half crazy. But she was very polite and neglected saying it out loud :)

She went over current health history for about 20 minutes then concluded I needed to be checked in for a 2 day overnight sleep study. It basically would be come in early evening, get hooked up to all the electrodes, spend the night, be released the next morning, go back for the evening, spend the night again as well as the whole next day where they will check me for 4-5 "scheduled" naps throughout the day. It never registered for that part till I was on my way home when I thought uhhh just exactly how do you schedule a nap let alone that many? Maybe knock me over the head??But I guess they know what they are doing. But the part that I did NOT like was the fact that I have to be off ALL my medications for 4 days before the first night, stay off of them for the 2 nights I am there so basically off of them for 6 days and nights. Not a good thing.

But the good part is they had a cancellation and could fit me in 3 weeks so am ready I guess. But let me be perfectly clear... This last 2 years has been enough already health is someone else's turn!! Actually I change my mind.. I wouldn't want to wish this past health issues on anyone. But I really have had enough.. time for a new me :)