Saturday, July 11, 2009

Football Season

So we just got back from the season opening game of football between BC Lions and Hamilton Tiger Cats. After 6 months of watching a tiny black puck skating around white ice it took awhile to get adjusted to a flying brown oval object. Seriously you would think they would make things florescent yellow so that I could keep track of it!! But as I watched the game I came across a set of "facts".

1. Do not wear a pink t-shirt to an orange and black event. You get weird looks although Keith never had trouble finding me when I got sidetracked from him.

2. It is a lot harder to watch a football from inside a stadium then it is from your tv. On TV the camera stays focused on it and you have a bazillion replays so if you by some chance missed it you don't actually miss it. It real time you miss it you lost it.

3. at a real game, you can't actually go for a quick potty break in between plays. Going to the bathroom means a long climb up, a long line up once you get there and a whole lot of knees to climb over in both directions to get out of your seat unless you got end seats but then you end up having to stand up a bazillion times so other people can get up.

4. Have a drink of water BEFORE you get there cause a small bottle costs 4.00 each. And you can not walk in anymore with your own water bottle. ALL purses and backpacks etc are checked before you even get in the door.

5. My house neighbors appreciate it more when I go to a stadium to watch any sport rather then in the comfort of my living room as they don't have to hear me screaming whether it be due to happiness of scoring or to the refs for a bad call.

6. My voice is hoarse after any sports game regardless if I watch a game on tv or live in a stadium

7. When you have long legs and you jump up unexpectedly, be prepared to apologize to the person in the seat in front of you for all the times you ram your knees in their head when you jump up without properly standing first.

8. Keith never gets embarrassed to be seen (or heard) in public with me :)

9. Last but definitely not least and it bears repeating over and over again. Alcohol has NO PLACE at a game!!! Alcohol and fans DO NOT mix. It makes them do stupid things, act in a stupid fashion, say stupid things, and be an all around jerk.

But it was a wonderful birthday present !! Thanks Keith :)