Thursday, July 09, 2009

Dolly Parton and Miley Cyrus

I think as adults we tend to forget what goes on in the mind of a child. We tend to forget that they take what we say at face value and don't understand sarcasm, wit, innuendos ets. One of the things we will be doing at our family reunion this month is the females will be singing Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors in tribute to our grandmother, great and great great grandmother. She was a farm wife who raised 13 children with virtually nothing and worked very hard from dawn to dusk. So for the last month or so my little Rosaleen has been singing this song with me as I practice it. She knows the song better then I do!! Well today I was working on the dvd to put the music on it so we have music to sing with and I showed her a video of Dolly singing it. She knows things on the computer and tv/movies etc are just make believe. But she sees Dolly and here is the ensuing conversation:

R: Nana you didn't tell me Miley was going to the reunion
Me: Miley? Miley who?
R: Nana!! You know Miley!!
M: uh no who's Miley
R: Miley Cyrus!!
M: Oh that Rosaleen Miley is not going to the reunion..why do you think she is coming to the reunion
R: Cause that is her godmother
M: Who is Miley's godmother?
R: Her!! On your computer! She is the one singing the song (Dolly Parton)
M: Rosaleen I am pretty sure that isn't Miley's godmother.
R:Yes she is

And so a few minutes is spent explaining television and fantasy again and she ends by saying
R: Nana I know Hannah Montana is not a real person but Miley is a real person and she sings in real life and that person (Dolly) sings in real life cause I know you listen to her songs so she is real so that means she really is Miley's godmother and that she is going to sing the song with all the ladies at the reunion.

Huh... why didn't I think of getting Dolly Parton and Miley Cyrus an invitation to the reunion and singing it for us??