Monday, June 29, 2009

Last Week This Week what week is it??

I was talking to a friend the other day and she commented on how we were at the end of June. She wondered where it had gone to. I said are you kidding? I am still looking for LAST year's June. It has been more then the usual insane pace. I had staff training to get done, put a class together on Scottish Research, tried to get all my month end reports done at work as well as get things done to close the doors for July.

One of our granddaughters finished school and will be starting high school in Sept (3 grandkids in high school now eeeek) so we had her grad as well last week which mean the hunt for the perfect outfit for her!! Still waiting to see the grad pictures so I can post it.

Add to that our oldest son is getting married on the 4th so have been working on the bridal bouquets, corsages, centerpieces, boutonnieres etc. Then the 2 little Princesses here decided Auntie Jen NEEDED flower girls and I did honestly tell them that no she wasn't having flower girls. The 5 year old said "Nana, she is a girl, this is a wedding, and you always have flower girls, it's in the wedding rule book!| HUH? Ok that girl just hangs around me way too much. So Auntie Jen said if it meant so much for the girls to be a part of the wedding party it was fine with her. So when I told them what she said "I already told you that"...oh puhlease.

So that was last week, this week is our annual Canada Day Celebrations. Tomorrow I will pull out my boxes of red and white supplies and see what I have for prizes and decorations etc and then head out to get what is missing. Tuesday is baking day and food preparations. I am still thinking of what I am going to make that is red and white in keeping with the theme. Then that morning will be spent getting all the games ready, tables, volleyball net up, BBQ area etc..We are expecting about 40-50 people.

Thursday will be working on the bridal dress as my dear daughter in law has lost weight and it literally hangs on her so will take it in. Figured I would wait till after the dinner and fatten her up there first hehehe. Friday decorate the church.. do final touches on the centerpieces, gather up all the things that need to get to the church. Saturday, is wedding day, so pick up cake, food, get to the church on time and then a great afternoon meeting Jen's family and celebrating.

Next week will be shifting gears and rounding up all the reunion things; finish the video presentation, the huge scrapbook, the 15 generation pedigree wall chart, the garden stepping stone to complete, the family farm picture and grandparents portraits in the antique frame for the silent auction. Figure out what I can ship early and what I will have to bring with me. All the registration packages, the childrens' activities and paraphernalia, the sports equipment and of course my printer and enough paper. Finalize the menu and make up a grocery list for when I get there, Finish calling local businesses and ask for donations for prizes.

So it was an off and running June and a marathon July but I get to go home soon and see my entire family and it will all be worth it in the end.

Somewhere in there I need to get my flight booked and car reservation made. Now you know what I am more interested in looking for LAST June's then this one.. cause then I would have an extra year.


Carmen said...

And you say I am busy??!! Holy cow lady!! My head is spinning... Don't overdo it!!