Friday, June 19, 2009

Long legs vs short leg

Princess Rosaleen and I are out walking yesterday for our regular walks. I find by the time we are on the return trip the arm that she is attached to my hand is really strained from her walking so slow. She stops dead in her tracks and pulling on my hand says:
"Nana do you know how long your legs are?
Yes I do Rosaleen I have had these legs for a very long year
Well Nana do you know how short my little legs are?
Yes I do Sweetheart
Well then Nana you should know that you can walk FASTER then me with your LONG legs and I can only walk as far as my little legs can go.

I'm sorry sweetheart I will try and be better.

yadda yadda yadda
Nana were you not listening about our talk before about legs?
yes and I listened to you and slowed my walking down
No Nana you might be slowing your walking down to walk with Papa but you are going to have your geass in reverse for every 3rd foot so I can keep up.

I was not sure what that exactly entails but said yes I would try and better. I told her though if I went any slower I would be tripping over my feet cause I would now be going backwards.