Friday, June 12, 2009

All types of Prayer needed today

Hello funny conversations today between my grandchildren and I, no household mishaps, no falling over trying to get into bed at night, no being up all night long... all this is a request for prayer no matter who you pray to, who you worship, i ask each of you that today (Saturday June 13Th) you find it in your heart to pray for the family of one of my uncles.

It has made 2 very long years that my cousin Darrell Cloutier went missing from his home in Nassau Bahamas. He was there to work on a project at a huge resort PCL was building. He had 2 weeks left and had actually met with the man who was going to replace him. Two little weeks before he was coming back home to his family. But the next day all they found was his home open, groceries on the floor and in his car, but no sign of him anywhere.

A few days later a woman was picked up using his credit and debit cards to extract cash from ATM's. But 2 long years later they are no closer to finding my cousin. As a parent I can't even begin to imagine what my uncle and the rest of his family are going through right now. As a human we always have hope even if it is a little tiny bit hidden deep into your heart. When someone dies no matter the age or if it was a tragic death you are sad, you can grieve, you can have closure. But when there is no body, no tell tale signs that someone is even there, how do you find closure with that?

It's going to be a very very long day and again I beg each of you that read this, to say a prayer for Darrell, for his father Raymond, for his brother Stefan, his sister in law Jaime and their children. There is a hole in the world tonight.

Please watch this video when you get the chance:

I am part of a very large extended family and I know they will be surrounded by family this weekend. But they need to be surrounded by a lot more to be able to get through this. Please help. Prayer is a powerful tool.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Carmen said...

Has it been two years already? Oh good gosh... And still nothing. How tragic. Simply tragic. How sad. My prayers are with you.