Monday, April 27, 2009

Screaming for Ice Cream

We have this new ice cream place that opened up in Surrey not that long ago called Marble Slab Creamery. They make their own ice cream on premises claiming they use only top grade products and able to control the quality. So on the weekend Keith and I were out for a walk in that area and decided to pop in for a cone (good thing we walked all the way there and were walking home let me tell you). Well no small feat. They have about 30 odd flavours and that varies from day to day as they make it fresh every day so a flovour that isn't popular they won't do it again. You tell them what flavour you want and what size you want. They then scoop it up and place it on a scale to make sure you get exactly the amount you asked for. They then take it to a marble slab (hence the name) and you get to choose from a very large selection of mixins, what you want added to your ice cream. This ranges from fresh fruit, M&M's, different nuts, candy bars, candy etc etc. They will at this point mix everything up and kind of how you would knead bread dough although they use a trwoel of sorts. Then you get to choose what kind of waffle cone you want it in. They make all their cones right on the premises right in front of you and they only do waffle cones. You can get a plain waffle one, a sugared one, a white chocolate dipped one, a regular chocolate dipped one, a chocolate and sprinkles/nuts covered one etc. You get one free mixin item then every other one is .75 each.

Not knowing which was what, we each chose the smallest size and only 1 flavour of ice cream. Keith had Peanut Butter (like that was a surprise) and I had Pralines. He had just a plain waffle cone and I had a white chocolate dipped one, again no surprise there. I guess in my brain I can pretend that if it is white it is pure therefore it has no calories hehehee. He added sliced almonds to his and I asked for brownies and kit kat bar. Now I was busy talking as I usually am and didn't really pay attention to what the clerk was doing. I was trying to get Keith to try something OTHER then peanut butter. So when I turned around to watch, I saw the mound of brownie and asked the guy how much he put in there and he said 2 squares. I asked the size of the square and he showed me and I just knew we were going to have problems (each was about 1 1/2 X 1 1/2"). By the time he was done adding my 2 things in, it would not fit in my cone so he put the extra in a container which still filled half the container. I was about almost 1/2 way through the cone when I told Keith I was getting a really bad sugar headache and needed to stop. He said to just take it home but I said no there was no way I wanted that in the house. I thought for sure after he ate his he would eat mine but he never touched it.

I was very sick to my stomach and had a nasty migraine for 2 days afterward. Today I finally got around to checking the calorie count of that ice cream cone. Thank goodness I never finished the whole thing is all I can say!!!

So here is the total count.... drum roll please...926!!!!!!! If I ever go back again as a treat with one of the grand kids it would be for no cone and no ice cream, just the non-fat, no sugar added frozen yogurt in a cup although I am sure friends would say if I do that I will be no fun...


Sally said...

I should have mentioned that it wasn't the entire Kit Kat bar only 1 of the 4 fingers that is normally in the bar