Monday, April 20, 2009

False Advertising

Last night we were watching tv and I could not believe how many commercials are stretching the boundaries about truthfulness and out right deception. I also noticed that at the bottom of each commercial there was usually small script stating "dramatization". Well DUH!! Why bother then? I mean seriously what woman is going to believe if she gets Stilletto Mascara her eyelashes are all of a sudden going to be long enough to reach her forehead? Why demonstrate a product saying "cellulite disappears" on a woman that looks to be 20 years old and in top shape? Why not show someone who HAD cellulite and how it disappeared after using your product?

Hair colour: they all say "up to" 30 days of freedom from grey... is 2 days considered up to 30? But you assume when you use it that you will get the 30 days?

Cars: Drivers are speeding away like mad dogs popping "u-wies" on the highways and yet we all wonder why speeders crash their cars into poles or each other. Gee on tv they never crash

Fitness Equipment: You too can look like this when you use this multi-facet in home gym! Again they use perfectly shaped models to show off toned bodies.. why not show someone who was overweight and in bad shape and the transformation to the new them?

Fast food restaurants: Ok I know I rarely eat hamburgers but even I know that the meat NEVER overhangs past the bun! Nor do my salads look like theirs.

I think I watch too much tv!!


Carmen said...

I am trying very hard to teach the kids these same lessons! I hate TV commercials of every kind! I think the ones they play on the kid's networks are even worse. Ya - that toy car can really fly! Oh, that superhero can really move on his own! Crap. All of it.

Carol said...

w/re: to fast food restaurants, and how their meat never overhangs past the bun ..... My "meat" quite often overhangs past the toilet seat .....