Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Can it really be spring????

so here is how I know spring is either here or almost here:

1. my doors and windows are open in the house to air it out and I am not freezing
2. I can hear the kerthunk of hockey sticks as kids play in the driveway
3. neighbors are mowing their lawns at 8 in the morning and you go outside and smell that new cut lawn smell and don't care if it sets off your allergies
4. I go outside and smell meat barbequeing
5. I realize how dirty my windows are cause the sun all of a sudden is shining inside
6. neighbors are hanging around on my patio yakking
7. winter coats are packed away one LAST time
8. I get blisters between my toes from wearing my flipflops for the first time since last summer
9. I haven't been on the computer ALL DAY long and never missed it
10. my back yard all of a sudden is wall to wall kids
11. there are chalk outlines of hopscotch all over the driveway and the older kids are using it as their hockey lines
12. I never want to see a piece of black clothing as long as you live

life is good today :)


Carmen said...

Well, then don't come around here. I only have black clothing - spring/summer/winter... Does not matter to me! hee hee