Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rude Rude and then there's Rude

So here is the scoop. Yesterday was the first day of the largest shoe sale in BC. It's an annual event that every woman who loves shoes lives for. Shoes that normally run in the hundreds of dollars are down to 29.99 or lower etc. Lareta and I went last year but it wasn't on the first day and there wasn't great selection left so we figured we were smart this year and would go on the first day.

Not finding a parking space should have been my first clue but we got one and away we went. I knew it would be incredibly busy.. I mean seriously this is shoes and women how could it not be busy. I got that part and I was ok with it but I was not prepared for the behavior of women. I never go Boxing Day shopping. Especially at an electronics store. People shoving all over the place, people yelling etc. I figured never for me but this is shoes and women and we are more dignified then that. Or so I thought.

Man was I mistaken!! The store had nicely set up some seating areas away from the shelving so people could sit down to try on their shoes. Wonderful. What wasn't so wonderful were women who had a cart or basket etc and scooping up ARM FOLDS of shoes into their carts without care of color, shape, design.. nothing just scoop them all for themselves. Then they would go sit down try them on and instead of putting them back when they did not want them they would just throw them everywhere.

At one point the store manager made an announcement on the loudspeakers telling the customers to PLEASE be PATIENT. That although some of the shelves were bare there were thousands of pairs of shoes available and that the store staff were working as diligently and as quickly as possible to gather up all the shoes on the floor, re-mate them and then put them back on the proper spot. The shelving were very well marked of shoe sizes so it wasn't like you had to check every shelf for your size. But then I found a pair for me under size 6. now I haven't been a size 6 since I was 5 years old I'm sure but I saw them and thought man that is a long 6 so checked and sure enough it was an 11 and narrow to boot! Most 11's are wide. So people were changing their minds and instead of putting the shoes back on the proper shelf they would just put them where ever. So I thought gee I better check all the shelves then. WRONG!!!

I finally had to put my 5 year old granddaughter in my cart as she kept getting ripped from my hand and I had to finally snap at some woman to watch where she was going that she was trampling this little girl. You know her comment? "Get out of my way!". My granddaughter looked at me and said "Nana she was rude and she needs to go for a time out." I agreed.

Some women seeing you were behind them or when I would say "Excuse me" so I could get around would literally stand feet apart and arms out to prevent me.. are you kidding me???? I don't even need to get that size I just need to get around you. I "accidentally" then ran over the back of her heel and said ever so sweetly "Oh I am so sorry". I then plowed my way through the mass to get over to where Lareta was. I told her I had had enough and was going to go to the children clothes area so off we went. She wanted to check out the women's clothes so I put the other granddaughter in my cart with the other one and said I was going to go to the children's shoe department to look for kids shoes. That was better controlled. It was so NOISY that I could not hear my cell ringing over and over again. After I was done I went to find Lareta and saw her coming to me in a panic. She didn't know I had picked her daughter and that I had her with me or where I was going. I guess she hadn't heard me or seen me take her and I couldn't hear her madly calling me.

She found 3 very very nice pair of shoes, I stopped after 2 pairs of dressy summer sandals and I did find 3 pairs of kids shoes for my grandkids in AB and we went and did a bit of regular shopping but then we left. All day I kept thinking of my experience. That was just insane. I thought women were better behaved then that. I could understand young adults acting that way when they want to get a new gaming system or tickets to a concert etc.. but this was shoes and as much as I love shoes and i love lots of them, I didn't understand the behavior of some of the women for shoes. It was pure greed. It was pure selfishness. It was pure childishness. It was insanity. Next year if I go again I will go without grandchildren and I will bring Keith with me as he would have no problem in making a path for me to where I am going. Or keep women from taking the shoes that I had already picked out of my cart when my back was turned.

Or maybe I will just stay home next year and remind myself I am a better woman then that. I will remind myself that I really don't want to be associated with women who lower their standards to behave like that. Or worse.. associate with women whose standards are already like that. No shoe is worth that. None


Carol said...

I CANNOT believe what you just went through!!! Kim has a saying about some people like that, but I can't repeat it ..... even if it's true.

Where WAS this place??? The Bay had a 40% off sale in Feb, and I lucked out there with $29 for a pair that was reg $140. But one side effect of this new drug is "slight water retention." That means, that my toes are too swollen to get my new shoes on!! LOL

Carmen said...

Never been. Never will go. I don't care how "cheap" the prices are. If I like the shoes, I will pay full price, double price, whatever. Does not matter. That kind of insanity is not worth it.