Monday, March 02, 2009

Up and Down like a yoyo

This week has been one filled with turmoil and one I do not care to repeat. I got a call from one of my brothers on Thursday to tell me my favorite aunt from my dad's line had died. Her cancer had come back and it was agressive. One of my brothers and I were distraught to say the least. Then the next morning my mom calls me again but this time she tells me one of my uncles on my mom's side that I was close to had also died. She asked me again about what I talked to her last year when she came to visit when I had my surgery. I explained the plan of salvation again to her and about eternal families. My words seemed to bring her comfort as she wasn't crying when we hung up. But it didn't help me at that moment as what was in my head was not in my heart.

That very night, one of our daughters in law was baptized in our church by our son Jody. She was in her long white dress and one point she was standing on her own, being very quiet and I could sense the Holy Spirit around her protecting her. I just wanted to cry and hold her.

At 3:30 that morning I got another phone call and by this time I am not wanting any more bad news but it wasn't. IT was telling us about our new granddaughter. After I got off the phone, there was no possible way of going to sleep so I laid in bed and thought about those 4 separate items in my life that had happened in a 3 day period and how ironically they all pertained to the Plan of Salvation that I so firmly believed in.

It reminded me that we all have steps to complete before our roles are done. We have to be born on earth, we have to be baptized, and we have to die. Not too many can say they honestly went through the same in the space of a 3 day period. As I still lay there I realized I am a fine example of "it's not always enough to have faith in Heavenly Father - you also need to have faith in His timing" Not always remotely on the same chapter let alone same page.

I spent the rest of today thinking about this Plan of Salvation and how it affects me personally and I will endeavour to work it out of my head so that I can be of better service while I am still here on earth.