Sunday, March 08, 2009

saga of the eyeball

All right so here is the scoop of my eyeball. For those of you that have no idea what I am talking about let me bring you up to speed. About 3 weeks ago in the middle of the day I started getting bright constant flashing in the outside of my left eye. I usually get 'Auras and ziggly lines" before a migraine so assumed I was going to get a whopper although I have never had flashing lights. Remember the parties from the 70's that had strobe lights? Now don't pretend you are too young to remember those!! But all of a sudden after about 5 hours or so of this constant flashing, it stops to be replaced with a black splotch in the middle of my eye. I thought I had some old mascara still on my eyelashes so washed my face but nothing. By the next morning it was still bugging me so I went to the walk in clinic to get it checked out. She felt there had been retinal detachment so suggested I went to the ER.

So off I go, they checked me out and sent me to see an opthamologist. He checked it very carefully and explained to me that there had been no tears in the retina and that I been very lucky. He said the black splotch was actual debris from the membrane and that my body would reabsorb it and it would be all fine.

Fast forward to this week and I had my doctor send me to see a 2nd opthamplogist for another opinion as my splotch was still there. I knew my eye strained was still there and added headaches. He did another through check and this was his explanation:

When you are young the back of your eyeball is the consistency of a tennis ball. When you get older the consistency turned to something like jello or jello pudding. Still solid but kind of "sloshey" that if you had it in a box and walked around with it the contents would be sloshing around in the box. Eventually what would happen is this pudding consistency would weaken and start pulling away from the back of the retinal wall at the back of your eye. When you really are getting older this what was once a tennis ball is a pool of liquid. He said it upsets him when other peers say debris will reabsorb leaving patients thinking in a couple of days you will be all and when it doesn't happen they get upset.

Basically he said there is nothing he can do. They will not go in to remove the debris. I said I have to wait for this "middle stage" to work and turn into liquefaction (no word of a lie that is what it is called). He did say that my left eye has perfect vision, better then perfect vision actually. My right eye has not so good and has astigmatism really bad what every that means.

So now I have an eyeball that used to be a tennis ball now is a bowl of jello pudding and am waiting for it to get a water ball.

How as your week?


Carmen said...

I have the same problem! I do not have a waist at all - mine too is basically at my hipbone... I have a flat butt and a small gut = no jeans fit properly. And I have short legs for my acutal height - it is all in my upper body... I have at least 15 pairs of jeans in my closet right now that I hate - that I fight with each and every time I put them on. Oh, and "stretch" jeans don't work! Don't be fooled into thinking they do. Because all they do is bag out and then fall down... Ya.