Thursday, March 05, 2009

best of face time with Facebook

Ok I know some people have a thing about Facebook..that they can't be bothered with finding people with their past etc etc. I was like that for a long time as well. But as most of you know my sleep is pretty much non-existant so I decided to try it out in the middle of the night one day. It was more difficult for me as all of my female friends would have been married and with not knowing their married names I was steimied.

But then I noticed one day that someone had their maiden name down along with their married name and I thought uh huh!! So over the next while every I started finding as well as being found from school mates as well as friends from Regina.

Some were just a one or two messages people and yet others were chatters every day, sharing pictures etc. Now you know I had decided last month that I was going to work harder at doing face to face time rather then online. Well this past week, I did some face to face time with 2 of my school mates. One I had seen at our 10th year reunion but the other I had not seen in 35 years since we left school. She had been at the same reunion but we had each been there different nights of the weekend.

We talked for hours but we finally seperated to go our different directions. It was a couple of hours of "Remember When" and who did we have secret crushes on in high school. Ironically all of us had just recently gone through medical nightmares and we had that bond in common although personally I would have loved to have bonded in some other way then with breast cancer but we had something to talk about.

I was told that things haven't changed much in 35 years that I still like doing all the talking... seriously... I do not talk THAT much! hehehe When we hugged hello and goodbye it wasn't this citified stuff that people do these days of hugging but no body contact. Our hugs were small town people hugs.. the kind that you squeeze on tight to never let go, smiles are genuine full face smiles not these little fake smiles that somehow never reach your eyes. It just reminded me of some of the benefits of small town raisings and I miss it. Leo and Carol.. this was a day I will not soon forget!! Although NEXT time I suggest you both stand on a stool instead of making ME scrunch down so we were all the same height.

Yeah for Facebook!