Friday, March 20, 2009

Blue Jeans

Ok I am so fed up with trying to find blue jeans it is maddening! I love wearing blue jeans I could wear them every time I went out if I could but I have one pair. ONE.. tons of shoes and purses but one pair of jeans. Why you may ask???? well cause designers can't get it through their thick heads that one size does NOT fit all.

Ever see those women's magazines where they have an article that states "Perfect fitting jeans for every size"? Well they lie. They never have any that fit me. Let me state the problems in getting jeans for me:

1. I have 36" inseam which is pretty impossible to get women's pants past 34" if you can even find them in the first place never mind with 36" legs.

2. My waist is actually on top of my hipbone. That's not possible you say. Yup it is. Ask those who I have to prove it to - ask any salesclerk that has argued with me that it isn't possible.

3. My waist line is a lot smaller then my actual hipbone measurements so to have them fit properly across my butt so I can actually sit down in them, they leave a big gap at the small of my back which annoys me

4. I REFUSE to wear low risers. That is just gross and I will not lower my standards by wearing pants that show the end all be all of my backside

Get the idea? When I was first starting to lose my weight I didn't want to keep buying brand new clothes as they would be too big in a month's time so I started shopping at Salvation Army (which has AMAZING clothes!!). Lo and behold if I don't come across a pair of jeans that I must have made in my previous life!! They still even had the tag on it so obviously someone had bought them then got rid of them without wearing them but they had obviously been made for JUST ME!

The inseam is exactly 36 inches, the back does not gap, the top of the inseam sits perfectly where it is supposed to be, they never ride up, I never have to hitch them up cause they are sliding down and they are the perfect shade of faded blue. Well after 4 years of wearing them almost non stop I have known for some time that I need to replace them. Not very easy. I thought fine they are made by the Gap so I can just go there and buy them. They are quick to tell me they no longer make that kind as not enough sales were made to warrant them continuing the line!

Are you kidding me???? What happened to all the ones that did not sell? Are they sitting in some warehouse somewhere? Can you check please? I don't know, I don't know and no I can't check for you. Good thing I am not a Gap customer cause service like that I can do without! I finally found a pair the other day that were almost long enough (almost being the operative word )and fit across my hips and today I wore them when out with my daughter shopping. And the afternoon was spent, tugging them up, pulling my shirt down to cover the gap at the back, pulling at them down my legs cause they kept riding up every time I sat down.

Sigh... back to the drawing board :(


Claire said...

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