Sunday, January 11, 2009

Out of the mouths of Babes.. AGAIN

All right here is the latest conversation between our almost 5 year old granddaughter Rosaleen and myself this week.

Me: Hey Rosaleen, guess how many more sleeps before we leave for Hawaii?
R: how many?
M: 19 and guess what else?
R: what?
M: In 18 more sleeps Uncle Kim, Auntie Mary, Sinead, Regan and Aisling are coming in on a big airplane!!
R: They are?
M: Yes and we will have a big family dinner with all your uncles and aunties and cousins then they will have a sleepover then in the morning we will go to the train station and get on a big train but not the skytrain (which we take all the time) to the hotel in Seattle
R: what's a hotel?
M: hmmmm well remember when Papa and Nana took you to Whistler?
R: Yes
M: well that was a hotel
M: Then after the hotel we will wake up have breakfast then go on a humongous airplane over the ocean to Hawaii

several minutes are spent nitternattering about the trip and swimming in the ocean as opposed to pools etc and having to explain again the difference between the skytrain which she knows by heart and this new one that has a restaurant in it. Then all of a sudden little lightbulbs start going off in my head.

M: oh sorry Rosaleen but Nana just remembered you will be going to the hotel with Mommy and Daddy in your car and we'll see you at the hotel
R: No I'm not going with them in the car, you said we were going on the train.
M: I know but I made a mistake. Papa and Nana and Uncle Kim and his family are taking the train and you and your family are taking your car.And Uncle Doug and Auntie Jen are also taking their car to the hotel
R: And Dallas?
M: Uh well no not Dallas, Dallas is coming with Nana and Papa because they don't have room in Uncle Doug's truck to go all the way to Seattle with him squished in the truck
R: Well I will be squished in my car seat
M: No you won't be you will be just fine
R: (thinks a few moments)so then all the children will be in the train with you and Papa except me?
M: (Inwardly groaning and knowing what is coming) yes Rosaleen but that is because Mommy loves you very much and really wants her family to be together to go to the hotel. We will see you there I promise. But your family is going by car
R: No we're not
(several more minutes are spent doing this yes you are no I'm not routine.I thought she was thinking she wasn't going to Hawaii so reassured her that she was still going just not by train)

R: We can't take the car it's impossible
R: Cause you said we have to fly over the ocean and cars can't go on the ocean just airplanes
M: Yes I know but you aren't driving to Hawaii just to the hotel. It won't take long and you will be there before bedtime.

Bottom lip starts quivering

R: Well it doesn't matter cause I won't go with you then I will go with Baby Aisling she loves me
M: Yes she does love you and so do we and that has nothing to do with it. Aisling is a child and children can not be responsible for each other on a trip. Only an adult can oh Uncle Kim and Auntie Mary can't take you either as they already have 3 children they will be responsible for (I knew she was about to say she would go with them)
R: (after thinking quietly for a few moments, the Harford chin juts out)Well then fine.. then I will go with Papa as he never says no to me!

man didn't see that one coming and boy does she have him pegged!!!