Friday, January 23, 2009

Debit/Cash user inequality

This week I had to go downtown Vancouver for a doctor's appointment. By the time I had walked 8 blocks towards the skytrain station I was freezing walking so decided to cut through Pacific Centre Mall to warm up. I stopped at the food court to get some lunch. I handed over my debit card to pay for it and get told that there was a charge for using my debit card. As I am waiting for my food I see a sign on the cash register that says "To keep costs fair for all our customers there will be a small charge to our debit customers". WHAT??? How is charging ME being fair to ME? I am part of "all our customers". How is charging me being fair to say cash users? Well ok I can see how cash users would think it would be fair to them if I get charged rather then them being charged. Why are cash users not penalized for say the staff having to count all the cash at the end of the night? I should get a reward for not paying with cash in that respect.

This is discrimination. Yup yup yup it is and I am going to take this to the higher court then the food court.