Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lipstick and You

O while sitting at yet another Doctor's office yesterday I came across a magazine article on how the color of your lipstick will show others things about you. OK so I am bored and thought crap.. they were pretty accurate.. I will post all of the colors, their meanings and I will treat anyone to lunch who can:
1. Guess which lipstick color says the most about me

2. What color did I say I thought I was most like

If you love RED or BURGUNDY:
You're a clear thinker; Red is elemental - the color that literally makes your heart beat faster. So while wearing a red blouse means you want to stand out, wearing a red lip color means you are always willing to stand by your word: highly verbal and forthright, you think fast, churning out ideas with lightning speed. And if you're sometimes impatient with those who can't keep up: just remember not everyone can wear red lipstick

You're Curious!
Pink conveys a youthful, inquisitive nature. And wearing this shade as an adult indicates your enthusiastic, selfless outlook. "Friends find you so endearing because of your intense, genuine interest in them and their lives." And your passions urge you to try everything life has to offer so that whenever you return from ad adventure, you will always find friends and loved ones dying to hear your exciting stories.

If you are attracted to NUDE or COCOA
You're Elegant!
A subtle shade on your lips draws more attention to your eyes which makes perfect sense, given how much you can communicate with the single gesture. A woman of mystique, you have an unshakable but never off-putting confidence in yourself, preferring to make a quiet statement on your lips so that your talent does all the talking, whether you're saving the day at work with an original idea or serving dinner from an original recipe

If you go for PEACH or ORANGE TONES
You're charming!
A combination of sunny yellow and bold red, orange represents both optimism and strenght. Not as traditional a lip color as crimson or pink, peachy hues represent a unique woman who radiates innocence as well as strenght. No wonder people are drawn to your kindness and spunky sense of humour. Such a well rounded personality allows you to get along with almost anyone; and on the rare occasion when you can't, you're always able to say a joke, melting tension, and a few hearts along the way.

If you prefer PALE ROSE
You're Empathetic!
Soft pink is psychologically associated with the spring, and much like being attracted to a garden in bloom, you're drawn to people when they are "opening up". A great listener, you take pride in your emotional intelligence and know the right time to either give your two cents or quietly respect a person's boundaries. That understanding, non-judgemental side of encourages others to come to you with anything

So let me know which colour you think I am AND What color I said I really was.. Be the first one to be correct and lunch is on me :)


Carmen said...

Well I am totally cocoa/nude. I really hate lipstick actually... So whenever I put it on, it is always some kind of mocha shade. Too funny.

Lareta Gareau said...

I think you picked red. You are always coming up with such awesome ideas, and quickly too. You hate when things run late. And you always say what is on you mind and have no problem doing it. That is not a bad thing I wish I can do that.

Lareta Gareau said...

Also I thought that you were either a red or a pale rose. But I at the end I picked red.

Sally said...

lol funny Lareta.. yes I also had red and pale pink but then went with the red as I LOVE red but can't always wear red with what I am wearing for clothes but I am more red then pink.

Carm I knew you were cocoa/nude :)