Sunday, May 11, 2008

Nana's Responsibilities

This has been a busy busy week for me as a Mum and Nana. Most of it has been spent working on my plan to get our whole family to Hawaii in February. This year made 30 years that our families blended together and I had wanted to do something spectacular to thank Keith and our children for being the best all these years. Because we had a huge anniversary almost 2 years ago I knew that financially I wouldn't have been able to do it for this year but the following year was going to be just fine. Keith and I aren't the credit cards kind of people where we put huge purchases on our credit cards and then pay for it for the next 5 years so it has meant scraping and saving every penny.

So plans have been made and trying to get things finalized this week. I should have had most of this done but these last couple of months have been slightly insane to say the least so have followed behind in my to do time line. Needless to say trying to find accommodations for 23 people have been hmm let's say mind challenging. It took me till Friday to find out that it apparently is a huge national surfing competiion at that same time frame in Oahu which means every surfer, board and clothing manufacturers, sponsors etc will be there making every thing scarce. I manage to find 3 different places that would be suitable. 2 of them are sperate villas but side by side and another one is one huge house. But we are about 45-60 minutes away from downtown Honolulu which will be ok I think.

I sent emails out to all the kids asking them to choose as we will go by majority rules of which one the most like. One answer came back that they wanted the one on the beach lo.. ok they are all on the beach!! I am so looking forward to it.

The other thing I got to do this week was taken one of our grandsons on a Cub Scout day hike. It was a Mother and Son hike but as our daughter is basically on "house arrest" for the remainder of her pregnancy apparently it states in the Nana rule book that Nanas have to take grandchildren in places of Moms :) Which was ok by me cause I had a really great time. We got to spend the afternoon together talking about school, his friends, Cubs, life at home with 4 sisters, the new baby coming along.. it was a wonderful bonding moment. I have included a couple of pictures. We went to a place called Deas Island that I had never been there before.. Very very nice place!

So all in all it was a pretty cool Nana week this week! And this week promises to be even better with sunshine!!! Let's hope the weather man is a little bit more accurate this week!