Saturday, May 03, 2008

Welcome Back to Me

Man this has been a long time coming! For someone that never stops talking it feels like forever since I logged in to here. It has been a rough last couple of months. Not one that I would care to repeat. But I have learned a few things along the day.

1. That no matter how old I get my mother will still tell me to go have a nap right after lunch and send me to bed at 9PM

2. I really CAN delegate

3. My faith in God was stronger then I thought.

4. I can still laugh

5. Being flat chested isn't as bad as I thought

6. People's faces turn red when they get caught staring at my flat chest when they think I am not looking

7. My children are the very BEST in the world

8. Prayer is the best medicine you can find

9. I never knew how much I was loved by so many people

10. Keith really does love me unconditionally

I still get tired.. my brain is still in hyper mode most days but my body is a traitor and makes me go have a nap instead. I saw my surgeon a couple of weeks ago and she said I was about at where someone would be at 6 month postop and I was at one month at that time. My physio therapist is also quite surprised at my range of motion and how much I can do. She did caution me to slow down on the amount of times I did my exercises and the amount of repetitions I did as I would end up making things worse.

But this week will be my first official week back at work and I am so happy!! I have been doing work at home and on the computer but not the same thing as actually being at work. I did my staff training last week and that went well although I sat through most of it.

We went to a dance at the church Friday night. It was a country theme which I love, but it ended up being square dancing. Which normally would not be a problem and I would be right in there like a dirty shirt but not now. There was no way I was going to be raising my arms and looping them over anyone's heads or doing any twisting of arms behind my back etc. So that made me sad. I ended up getting Keith to take me home after an hour and a half or so.

Right now though I have been working on plans for our Hawaii trip next February. I am so excited about it!! Being able to take all our children and grandchildren there has been our dream for last couple of years and now it is coming up fast! Normally I would be doing all the planning and booking online but because of the cancer, the surgery and the seemingly non stop appointments downtown for surgeons etc, I have gotten quite behind. I had a timeline that I had made up last summer of when everything had to be booked by etc and I got behind. Now I am thinking I might end up trying to see if anyone knows of a really good travel agent and have them do all the foot work.

I did manage with the help of Lareta, to finish the spare bedroom just a couple of days before I went into the hospital. What a transformation! I do not know what I would do without her help! She has such an eye for color combinations and for finding the right thing at such dirt cheap prices. Except for the bed and dresser which I already had, the rest of the bedding, accessories, night stand etc probably cost me less then 50 dollars! We have had 4 different sets of overnight guests and everyone loves the room :)

I also got a new living room area carpet that I just love!! As well I found some candle holders at Salvation Army for 2.99 for the three of them.. There are gorgeous and look so nice on my fireplace mantle. I am loving my home these days!

Well that is it for now. I am planning on a homemade seafood chowder for dinner and I am off to the kitchen. Keith was diagnosed with high blood sugar, high blood pressure and VERY high cholesterol about 10 days ago so it has been a learning curve for me to make sure all his meals are low sugar and fat. Not the easiest thing to do especially with him grumbling of where his potatoes are and why everything is so different. But he lost 6 pounds in his first week. We got some new weight scales last week that not only measures your weight it measures your water levels, your bone mass and your body fat! I love them!! Keith... not so much lol


Carmen said...

I have said this to you before, I would gladly give you my chest!! I really want to be flat chested... Sigh... hee hee

Okay, the house - looking great!! Way to go!!

Kim Siever said...

The bedroom looks nice.

Where is your office?

Sally said...

We switched rooms last fall. I needed more space and this room was a lot bigger. I used it more often then we have overnight guests so it was necessary to get more space.Dad took the Murphy bed apart, kept the box spring and mattress though and used the frame to make the bottom of the bed for support.