Friday, February 01, 2008

Movie Critique

OK I am back on my soapbox tonight. Honestly I don't usually get on one as there are not too many things in life that get my goat but this one did. Keith and I went to the movies tonight. We went and saw a movie that looked very very good on the previews and commercials. We rarely go to movies as there aren't a lot of anything good out there these days.

Well to make a long story short, we had to sit through 13 yes count them thirteen minutes of garbage before the movie even started! Now I don't mind previews.. I mean how else would I know what is coming up that might be worth seeing.. but most of that time was taken up with commercials!! I mean get real are you kidding me??? This isn't TV this is the movie theater.. that's why we come here.. to sit through TWO hours of movie not things we can see at home.

Do you really think I care about what country roast what blend of coffee beans? Do you really think I care about fashion week in New York and Milan when toothpicks are walking down the runway wearing what looks like an explosion of a giant fruit bowl on their heads? Do you think I care about what commercials are going to be playing for the "first time" during Super Bowl? Really!! I saw the same thing 2 hours earlier on the 5:00 news! So much for first time viewing. Do you really think I care about what is staying behind in Las Vegas?

No wonder we rarely go to movies anymore!

Cost pf 2 tickets: $21.76
Cost of 1 large popcorn, 1 water, 1 pop, 1 chocolate bar: $25.44
Cost of sitting through all those commercials only to find out the movie was really bad: $priceless lesson learned