Monday, February 25, 2008

Cousin Darrell Cloutier still mssing

This is an excerpt from a newspaper in the Bahamas posted today:

25th February
Disappearance of Canadian Man Remains A Mystery
By Kendea Jones
Darrell Cloutier
Ten months after a Canadian man disappeared in The Bahamas, his family members are still hopeful he will be found alive.

Darrell Cloutier, an employee of PCL Constructors Bahamas, was last seen when he left work on April 10, last year, according to police.

He was reported missing on April 11 by his employers after he failed to show up for work.

Since then, police, co-workers and family members have searched for him, but to no avail.

Recently, Chief Superintendent Glenn Miller, who heads the Central Detective Unit, said the case is still not closed.

"It is not a closed case until we find him," he said. "We are still trying to find him."

He said, however, at this point police are looking for a body.

Ray Cloutier, Darrell’s father, said on Sunday the family has not taken his disappearance well. He said the family is just hoping that he is still alive.

"How do you deal with something like this?" he asked. "Basically, we know nothing."

He said at first the family members did not believe his son was kidnapped, but now they believe anything is possible.

Mr. Cloutier said the family had hired a private investigator to look into matter, but that did not prove helpful.

"I had a meeting with the police about three months ago and the private investigator did not find out anything that I did not already know," he said.

Despite the lack of information, Mr. Cloutier said he believes the police are doing all they can.

"We have dealt with a lawyer down in The Bahamas and he assured us that the police are doing all that they can so I have no complaints," he said.

Mr. Cloutier said the family has not given up.

"We think that someone out there knows something and it will be a matter of time before they share information," he said.

The family has offered $10,000 for the safe return of Mr. Cloutier.

Mr. Cloutier is a slim Caucasian male who stands 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs roughly 180 pounds, police said.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to contact police at 322-2561 or 502-9991


Anonymous said...

We the Chenard family have probably been the ones who have felt more pain and hurtfullness than any other family members. One reason being that Claudette is Darrells mother and always will be.She loved him as much as Wesany other mother loves her children, we all have our ways of expressing our feelings, and we tend to keep our feelings within our close knit family, and do not feel that this has to be exposed on Blogs and such.Because you do not hear from us on facebooks and blogs do not THINK that we do not feel the excrutiating pain day after day. Darrell if your out there, We love you and miss you so much...

Sally said...

Dear Anonymous

I don't think anyone is saying the Chenard family is hurting any less then anyone else in the family. Being a Cloutier by blood, I know all too well the meaning of keeping your feelings closed inside of you. It is an inherited trait. It has taken me many many years to be able to express my feelings. When my only sister died a few years ago, I shut down refusing to discuss it with anyone including my own husband. But I realized that it was wrong.. it was wrong for me. We all have our own ways of dealing with emotions be it anger, frustration, joy, sorrow or anguish. Those that wish to keep their feelings in check and to themselves are free to do so. Those that choose to want to share with others should be able to do so as well.

One of my aunts is a Chenard and I wouldn't for one second dream of saying that she misses Darrell one iota less then any Cloutier. Some of us keep Darrell's name alive so that the press and the authorities know that he is not forgotten nor will he ever be.

I can not vouch for anyone else in our family tree but as for myself, my heart and prayers go out to ALL of Darrell's family.