Wednesday, June 13, 2007

New Business

Last weekend I went to an all day workshop on working from home and fell in love with the idea!!! I am going to be starting a new business in sales through the internet. And no it is not with a multi level marketing company nor a get rich quick scheme. You reap what you sow. But I will be able to use my newly learning skills of web design (yes Kim I am trying to learn new computer skills regardless of how many times you tell me the same thing heheh) into making my web page for the company into a reality. I won't say what I will be selling as it will be three different categories but only because I need to research the website name first to make sure it hasn't been taken. I also want to research the market for each area to see where the need is the greatest.

I also will need to locate manufacturers and distributors for the product so I have no need to buy bulk therefore greatly reducing my cash flow. I will continue writing my books as I love to write and may as well get paid for something I do anyway. I have decided on 2 avenues for the books. I am going to finish writing the one I am half way done and then I will start a young children's series... as well as a youth chapter mystery series.

So that should keep me busy. I was planning on bringing work with me on my vacation in case of quiet times but then realized that I am going to be with my mom almost the whole entire trip and if you think I talk a lot you obviously have never met my mother :)

But I will at least have some things to do on the plane and bus rides.. till later!


Carmen said...

I am intrigued!! When you get back, we will have to discuss this more! Have a nice visit with your mom!! Hugs