Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Idiocy of oven drawers

I decided last night that I would like to meet the person who figured one day that it would be really great if a drawer was invented to go under the oven for storing all your bake ware. What an idiot! Cause you know no matter what it is you need out of there it is going to be at the very bottom of the pile!! After wrestling the contents of mine for several minutes last night to get the pizza pan out I finally took everything out and slammed it shut!

Then I realized it was dirty so opened it back up to clean it. How the heck do crumbs get in there??? I mean I can understand UNDER the stove getting gungies from sweeping but in the drawer? So I pulled it out then realized under the drawer and behind the drawer was dirty so pulled that all out to clean there. How the heck did spills get way back there? It's not like the blueberry pie that I made last week that spilled in the oven made its way down there? Nothing usually spills io the floor or if it does it usually is in front of the other counter where kids pour drinks.

I give up. So now my oven drawer remains empty of all my round, square, oblong, rectangular cake pans, my 8". 9" and 10" pie pans, my 4 sizes of cookie sheets, my mini an0d regular sized muffin pans, my broiler pans and my grilling pans. Everything is nice and neat standing on their side on an eye level shelf in my pantry closet.

Now onto the bottom drawers of my fridge!!!!!


Carmen said...

You do me proud!! You go girl!!