Thursday, June 14, 2007

Almost sisters

I was in a bookstore a couple of weeks ago and heard the most beautiful song I had ever heard in my stopped me literally in my tracks so much that the person that was behind me walked right into me.. I had to go to the check out and asked what song that was. She pointed to a display and told me the name of the cd. So I bought it and have listened to it admittedly ad nauseum.. but I can't get enough of it. Then today as I was entering it into my MP3 I thought HEY!!! It went along the same vein of my friendship post the other day!!

I talked about how few very close friends I have had but that I would easily call them my sisters. I wish I knew how to post actual music on here (If someone knows how let me know!!) but the next best thing is posting the words. You won't get the whole effect I am sorry but take my word that it is absolutely amazing to hear. If you can imagine a chorus of angels singing this is what you would hear.

Sisters Rejoice
Women of God, sisters of light
The power of faith is guiding our lives
The truth of His words
Burns into my soul
Giving us strength
To live what we know
With vision and hope in these latter days
We're raising oour voice and singing His praise

Sisters rejoice we have His light
It lives in our hearts, it shines in our eyes
Lift up your voice
We're a part of His plan
We're led by His hand, sisters rejoice

We are His hands, we're serving each other with love
We're seeking the lost and lifting them up
We're anchored to God in perilous times
We honour His name through virtuous lives
Chosen to lead with banners unfurled
A standard of truth to all of the world

Again I can not even begin to describe how this large women's choral group sound especially the chorus.. it gives me goosebumps just writing about it. I will have to figure out how to post the actual music though!!


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