Monday, June 11, 2007

My Finds

So I found two things I wanted to share with all of you.. first one was Excedrin Back and Body pain relief pills that I saw a commercial for on tv. I bought it when I was in the states and love them!! Why can't they sell that here. I don't get it. It's like they can't sell Excedrin Migraine. They sell Excedrin but just regular strength! If I wake up really stiff in the mornings I take 2 and after about 30 minutes I am up and running.. well ok maybe not running but at least more mobile. Lareta says they don't really work for her. I guess our back pains are different. Never mind that our doctor told us that who listens to docs lol

The next find I came across is You go to their color smart link and then pick your mood and it will give you different color palettes then you paint a room in your house according to the palette you picked. You can change the main color with the accent color etc till you are satisfied with the intensity. For those of us that live in white renters world it fulfills my need to paint :)


Carmen said...

I will have to keep my eyes out for Excedrin Back and Body Pain. Marc is having a terrible time with a torn ligament - so much so that the pain radiates down the back of his leg and he can barely get up once he sits down! It is sad... He is only 36! What the heck am I going to do with him when he is 60?? Does not bode well for the future... he he

Sally said...

you can only get them in the states. I go on the first Saturday of each month so can pick some up when I get mine when I go next time?

Anonymous said...

Lucky you, that you can just hop down to Bellingham whenever you want to. Can you pick me up some the next time you are there and ship em to me??? lol


Sally said...

yup I sure can.. they come in bottles of 100. Let me know how many before I get back from Sask. I think the next time I go will be the 7th of July..