Sunday, June 26, 2005

Personal Revelation

Today in our Stake Conferance most of the talks revolved around personal revelation. Some spoke on how they know EVERY time when they have received a revelation; others spoke about maybe knowing at times that it might have been a revelation; and then others felt that the only time they felt they had received revelation was when the Prophets spoke.

There have been times in my life, when I was absolutely positive that influences and thoughts that I had came from direct personal revelation. These at times came while praying for something specific, other times they just came out of the blue when I was thinking about something completely different. But after today it made me think hmmm maybe some of those times it might not have been so much my own personal revelation from God but simply my own thoughts and my thinking the thoughts came from my Father in Heaven.

In the Bible Dictionary it gives this as the definition of revelation:

Although faith is a gift, it must be cultured and sought after until it grows from a tiny seed to a great tree. The effects of true faith in Jesus Christ is first, is the actual knowledge that the course of life one is pursuing is acceptable to the Lord. Second, it's a reception of the blessings of the Lord that are available to man in this life and third, an assurance of personal salvation to come. These things involve individual and personal testimony, guidance, revelation, and spiritual knowledge. Where there are true faith there are miracles, visions dreams and healings, and all the gifts of God that He gives to His saints.

If I was to go with that definition then I would have to say that when I feel I have received revelation, as long as I am living as Christ would have me live, then it is personal revelation.