Saturday, June 25, 2005

Missonary Dinners

Our missionaries in this mission were just recently notified by their mission president that starting July 1st, dinners with members will only be accepted from 4-5 pm. From 5-7pm then have to tract and from 7-9 they have to teach. Because hubby doesn't get home until 5:30-6, and we have Elders here that will mean we will no longer be able to have the Elders here for dinner. Unless the rule of being in a home with a single sister has changed.

I asked the reasoning for this and they said that it is better for the missionaries to be out tracting during 5-7 as most people are home then and if they are at someone's house for dinner they lose out on that time. I said if someone came to my door "selling" something while I was having my dinner they would not be well received and I can't see most people not feeling the same way.

The mission president went on to say that if members wanted to still provide dinner for the missionaries that they could drop it off to their homes or the missionaries could come by and pick the meals or groceries up. I can't see this working but maybe they are seeing something I am missing. What do you think?


Kim Siever said...

I think they are missing something.