Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rack Field Sports in High School vs Middle Age at Track and Field

I was pretty good playing on different track events in high school... my personal best were the throwing ones, discus, shot put and javelin; the relays or metered races were not my forte, I can shoot out of a starting gate but lost momentum early. It would be oh look what that person is wearing and that would be it I would lost my focus and that was it.

But I was really good at Hop Skip and jump into the san pit. Do they even still have that in high school?

Well in case you don't here are the go running at full speed down a measured path get to the end of the path, take as high of a hop that you can, then once you are hopping and are in mid air hit the ground with one foot hitting the ground then do the jump and which has to propel you as far forward as you could possible get.

Now that is high school track and field event for hop skip and jump. Rules change when you are a 54 year old grandmother of 15 trying to move things around the house at 2:30 in the morning instead of working on the hop over 3 boxes where they used to be the hallway, you skip over the 2 monitors, and propel your jump so that you can jump clear past the stilts that have now moved since you last moved them and you catch your toes and jammed down right into the ends of them...sigh.. I was going to bed ... no seriously I really was heading off to bed cause now I have to stay awake to make sure I can move my toes and foot..