Saturday, September 18, 2010

No Rest for the Wicked :)

I had a conversation with my mom this week, well actually a couple of them, which is not unnatural in itself but she was giving me heck for in her mind, doing too much. I had to placate her and tell her I was fine and that I had a wonderful example in constantly doing. So we "argued" back and forth about acting our ages and that I would slow down when she did (she is 80). Then she told me that I must be very wicked so asked her why...she said you rest for the wicked so you must be very wicked.. I laughed at that and replied back if that was the case then she was going straight to hell and could keep me company hehehe

Then this morning I was at a seminar where I was one of the instructors and came across a crew who were cleaning the building before we got there and I commented to one of the women there that you can tell the difference between someone who just cleans and someone who knows HOW to clean and knows the value of doing a great job. And she said that was how she had been raised, if you are going to do something do it right the first time. I said yup exactly. I think that is fast becoming a dying breed.

So tonight as I was sitting in the recliner waiting for my soup to cool to eat it, I was thinking of what I did today, went and taught at the seminar till noon, had lunch, got dropped off at our daughter's place, grabbed her went off to run errands, checked on Keith who was building a green house at our garden to see if he needed help which he did so dropped our daughter off at her place where he picked me up, went to the garden to help him till 6:30, came home made a lemon vanilla cake for Keith for his birthday for tomorrow, made some homemade cream of potato soup for supper, then worked on my to do list for this coming week. I started laughing inside as I remembered my last conversation with my mom thinking I probably should be thankful she doesn't live near me or go online to know what I have to do this week.

Week of Sept 19-25

-ice the lemon vanilla cake I made for Keith's birthday and our anniversary
-have Keith's birthday dinner
-contact all the exhibitors for our genealogical seminar next month to get their last minute requests
-make 10 dozen chocolate chip cookies
-make 6 dozen vanilla cupcakes and pink ice them
-hold 2 interviews at work
-finish going through last 3 rooms of our house to gather up things for the yard sale
-finish the planning for our huge yard sale
-price tag all items for the sale
-work my shift at work
-pick up helium tank and balloons
--make signs
-go to Costco to get the chips, pop and hot dog supplies for the sale
-shop for the items for the gift baskets for the raffle prizes at our sale (must be pink items hehehe)
-hold our 2nd annual Run For The Cure yard sale to raise money for breast cancer awareness and cure

there was something else but I can't remember what it was..oh well it will come to me :)