Monday, September 20, 2010

My Love

My Love

This is a tribute to you
unlike any other you've read
From the very bottom of my heart and soul
You are a thousand times I've said
My Love

From that day we met
And our first cup of coffee
To the day you let me come
To your home to become
Your Love

I've learned to love you from
The three little words on the door
From the tip of your head
To the bottom of your feet on the floor
My Love

When I look into your blue-gray eyes
My stomach becomes butterflies
When you hold me in your arms
The words from me are contented sighs

You'll never know the joy I have felt
Not once, twice but three times
That made the love that dwelt
In my heart become you as
My Love

First time was when you proposed on your knee
In that fireplaced lit room
When you made me believe you forgot
The ring I knew I was doomed

The second time was when you
Stood by my side and placed
The ring on my finger
All I did was cried

The third time was when we were
Sealed for all time and eternity
Then I knew what I had always known
We'd be together and my dreams became a reality

My Love

Just like our song Three Times a Lady
These three times are special times in my life
You've always made me feel special
To know you had chosen me to be your wife.

Keith you will forever and eternally be
My Love

Happy 29th Anniversary My Love, I have never regretted one single moment of it.