Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Yesterday's Results

Yesterday was a great day. I talked to my mom twice for about an hour each time and we just chatted about the old days while I worked on my canning. I am so loving doing this. I haven't been able to do canning or plant a garden since we moved back from Vancouver 10 years or so ago because of my health and not having a place to garden. But now with the community plots that we got this spring it is very gratifying to reap what we sow. I am big on traditions and doing things the way I was taught and Mom and I talked about her recipes that I was using and where she had gotten hers from. We laughed at the silly things we as women do...it was a good day all around. But today I am taking the day off and heading over to Kitsilano Beach with Lareta for the whole day and just relaxing.


Sally said...

the cookies are not part of the canning :) They were for the picnic today at the beach :)

Carmen said...

You are a machine!! Next year you need to invite me over and teach me how to do this!!

Sally said...

anytime Carmen!! And you can teach me to make pesto and tiramiso!