Thursday, August 12, 2010

Before and afters

As most of you know I have been up to my eyeballs with pressure canners, jars, veggies and fruits for the last few weeks. We leave tomorrow to go on a 10 day camping family trip with some of our children and grandchildren so last night we went to water our gardens to make sure they had plenty of water. I knew we would have to pick a few beans etc as they had almost been ready when we had been there on the weekend. Well let me tell you we were so very surprised we had so much food to pick!! But because we were leaving I had to get it all canned last night.

Sigh let me tell you starting to do this at 8 at night was not my cup of tea. Then just as I start and Keith was going to get the camping things out of the storage room, he gets a call from a church member who was beyond being rational and Keith went flying over there to see what had happened. Needless to say he showed up 4 hours later when everything was washed, chopped and jared already. All I had to do was wait for them to be processed in the canners which took till 1:30am.

So here is the result of last 2 days work towards our year emergency food storage:




2 jars of cucumber sweet relish
2 jars raspberry jam
3 jars of grape jelly
3 jars of pickled beets
3 jars of green beans
6 jars of yellow beans
3 jars of mixed peas and carrots
6 jars of salsa
12 more jars of apple pie filling to top the 15 I already had made earlier this week)
9 jars of applesauce (2 already went to another home