Friday, March 04, 2011

Calling All Talents!!!

Hello Everyone!

I am putting out a call to all you wonderfully talented people out there!! I am hosting the city's very first community wide Yard Sale for the Cure on Saturday May 28th at Hawthorne Park in Surrey (10550 144th Street) to raise money and awareness for breast cancer! It is going to be a day filled with so much activity that you will want to bring a chair to hang out with us so you don't miss a single thing. In fact never mind bringing the can just buy one there hehehehe.

I am looking for volunteers to assist...

-volunteers for the actual day to help set up, sell items, take care of the cash, take down etc (I need about 30)
- volunteers to be a part of the Executive Planning Committee (no experience necessary just need a willingness to learn and execute the plans (I need 5-6)
-someone who knows how to call an auction, you don't need to be able to do it at lightening fast speed just be willing to auction off items that will have been donated from businesses for us
-are you in a local band or know someone who is looking for some free play time and have a captive audience to listen to them that would be willing to play for part of the day or throughout the day
-do you have a clown costume or know someone who would love to dress up to entertain the children
-volunteers to do some face painting for children

If this is something you want to get involved in or want more information or know someone else that I can contact please just message me through here or call me on my cell 604-644-9934 or email me at

Thanks!! This will be such an awesome day!! This event is actually going to be the template to market throughout Canada and I get to be the pioneer to start it all :) Must be all my experience with talking hehehee. Right now people have just been doing their own private yard sales to raise money as I have for the last 2 years but now the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation wants to work at this so that it is ONE large one in one central point and we will be the founding city! Doesn't that just excite you?? And want to make you want to be a part of this amazing event?? You know you do.. just pick up that phone and call me for more information! There will be media coverage there interviewing us taking pictures of us and who knows you might be the celebrity of the day!!