Thursday, February 03, 2011


I can't sleep as usual and then remembered Keith telling me when I got home that my mom had called to chew his ear off for 3/4 hour. He said she was so very excited I was coming down and for such a long period of time. 2 whole weeks. I have not been away from Keith for that length of time since before we moved to BC over 20 years ago. But he continued to say she was worried about me coming and when he asked her why she said they had to close the road into town. Apparently there is so much snow there that the deer have come to town to get food from the bushes etc in people's yards. There have been so many deer that they closed the road and drivers kept hitting them.

I had to chuckle thinking of my mom wrestling with deer while standing at the side of the highway waiting for the bus to stop there with me. My mom is a creature of habit and routine. She hates change with a passion (hmmmm that sounds awfully familiar). I already know my routine once I get there. Up at 8, have porridge for breakfast..none of this instant package stuff but the kind you cook for half an hour. Then a walk outside in the ton of snow. Dinner at 12 sharp...notice I did not say lunch...nap after dinner and forget the fact that I am a grown woman with 15 1/2 grandchildren., while I am there I am there as her daughter and that means nap at 1. I always lay in bed thinking of great what am I going to do but in seconds I am usually asleep...another walk in the afternoon, then supper not dinner at 5pm... then just hang out and bed by 10. and no staying up late reading a book nope nope nope..bed time means bedtime.And usually I wake up thinking thinking oh my goodness I fell asleep and slept all night. I wake up because I can smell the coffee pot, the porridge cooking, toast in the toaster and the clink of the up I go.

2 weeks of just talking, there is no cell service, no internet, no Facebook, no files, no emails, I am going to go insane. But 2 weeks of doing nothing but visiting with me mom taking her for her tests and doctors appointments but I have a feeling this visit will do ME more good then it will do her :) Moms... they always know best don't they? No matter how old one gets one always needs their Mommy