Monday, April 12, 2010

Next project

Remember last year or so I talked about going to this humongous shoe sale where everything was 75-90% off and how rude people were yanking things out of your hands or out of your basket etc? Well one of the pairs of shoes that I had bought for 10 dollars no less was this beautiful blue pair. I have no idea what shade of blue it is but I fell in love with it! I also knew I had absolutely nothing in my closet that even matched it but I did not care. We are talking shoes here and this pair was talking to me!

After sitting on the pair for months and trying to find something that matched it I gave up. I even tried finding something new but nothing so Lareta and I headed over to the fabric store. We had found a pattern at Walmart that I could use for different outfits (by the way most of my clothes I make)and the patterns were on sale for 1.99 so bonus.

It took a long time to find fabric because everything was too blue, or too tourquisey (is that a word) or too teal etc...Lareta finally found this fabric (She is the BOMB!)that was perfect so I got enough to make a dress, a suit, shorts, and pants. Because it is a multi coloured fabric I can alternate between taupe colored pieces with the patterned one and vice versa. (It is a little hard to make out the actual color but there are 2 different shades of blue stripe, a beigey stripe, a taupe stripe, and a medium brown stripe. I already had a suit jacket the exact shade as well as skirt in the taupe. At Christmas time I had been out shopping for my granddaughters and Ardene's had these buy 1 get 2 free kind of thing so for 5 bucks I got the 2 belts. The jewelry I already had.

So enough fabric for jacket, skirt, top, dress, shorts, pants and thread/buttons etc came up to under $40.00, 2 belts $5.00, blue shoes $10.00 (Brown ones I already had) and for a grand total of $55.00 including tax I have all these new outfits! So this is my new project for when I get back from my Mom's in May :)