Monday, February 22, 2010

Playing Nice

All last week little Princess Rosaleen, our 6 year old granddaughter, has been telling me continually that I need to also cheer for the other teams because they are visiting us and if we don't cheer for them or let them win sometime they won't come and play with us again. This morning she told me she was very proud of me that I had obviously been cheering for the other team last night (Men's hockey) letting them win so that they would play with us again. She has been listening to me being so ..hmm well let's just say passionate about my cheering our athletes and has been chastising me continually that it's not if we win or lose but if we had fun that is the most important thing. I have had to bite down to not confuse her with how different rules are when you are at the Olympic level. Better she think that I had been listening to her all last week and that I let USA win just so they would play with us again. But let me be perfectly clear here...